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Kalahi-CIDSS empowers women

Empowering communities, empowering women, this is what Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan, Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services or Kalahi-CIDSS is all about.

The program has been improving the lives of the community people through education and training ordinary people especially women.  This because most of them are left in the house to take care of the children and do household chores.

Female community volunteers take oath of commitment to continue the monitoring and to ensure its functionality.

When Kalahi-CIDSS started in 2014, these women have started to get involved and have actively participated in the activities in the barangay. The program has given them different perspective in life. Some of these women were shy and do not even want to open up and speak in public. Others were focused on their household chores. When they joined and started attending Kalahi-CIDSS seminars, they slowly came out of their shells.

“Maayo gyud nga ni boluntir ko kay aron madungagan ang akong kahibalo. Mapasalamaton ko sa DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS tungod kay gihatagan kami ug kahigayonan nga masuta ang panginahanglanon sa among barangay. Ug tungod sa among pag boluntir, napunduhan ug napaayo namo ang among karsada, (It is good that I joined as a community volunteer because I learned a lot. I am thankful to Kalahi-CIDSS because it has given me the opportunity to contribute something to my community by helping in the assessment of its needs. Through the volunteers’ efforts, our project was funded and we were able to repair our road),” expressed Josephine Naliza, Procurement Chairperson of Madua Norte, Duero, Bohol.

These seminars have brought changes to the women volunteers lives. It has gained them confidence because their voices were now heard especially in the decision making in the community.

Dako kayo kinig na itampo sa akong kinabuhi, nadugangan ang akong kahibalo, nagamit usab nako ang experience nako sa pagka volunteer sa Kalahi-CIDSS sa akong pagka barangay kagawad. Tungod ana, nakita sa mga taw ang akong ka aktibo sa kalihukan sa barangay (My experience with Kalahi-CIDSS has a great impact in my life. It helps me win the election. I ran for barangay councilor because people have seen my active participation in barangay affairs and my potential as a leader),” related Isidra O. Caybot, a former community volunteer now barangay kagawad of Libjo Sikatuna, Bohol

Isidra is just one of the many community volunteers of Kalahi-CIDSS turned Barangay officials, who is considered as a walking proof of the success of the program.

Josephine Naliza delivers her speech during sub-project turn-over.

In Region VII, there are already 54,857 female community volunteers. 63% of the women attend of the Barangay Assemblies. Out of the total female community volunteers 1,136 were trained female laborers who are also under the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps). The program did not only provide these women a venue to express their thoughts and opinions but it also gave these women opportunities. Some of them are now employed in the local government Unit. Others are elected as barangay officials while there are those who are elected as leaders just like Isidra and Josephine. ###


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Regional Bayani Ka winners of DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS Region VII to attend the 3rd national Community Volunteers Congress in Butuan City

The DSWD Field Office VII will be sending nine (9) Community Volunteers to the 3rd National Community Volunteers Congress and 5th Bayani Ka Awards on August 12-16, 2019. The participants to the activity are the 2018 Regional winners of Bayani Ka Awards. They are Prince Aldin R. Cuerda, Youth Category; Andres V. Tambagan, Sustained Community Volunteers Group Category; Liezel Gorit and Ma. Rebecca Gurit, Environment Protection Category; Necifora Lada, Gender and Development Category, Marcos Bonul and Mauricelia Rebuya, Improved Local Governance Category. Other attendees to the congress include Jhulmar Bagwisa, regional representative of the Kalahi-CIDSS community volunteers group association and Jesselyn Espra, community volunteer from Oslob, Cebu.

Marcos Bonul of Anislag, Corella, Bohol receives the award for the Improved Local Governance Category

The activity, which started in 2017, serves as the venue where exceptional community-level stakeholders and leaders including the local chief executives of Kalahi-CIDSS municipalities nationwide will be gathered to be able to share their experiences and learning insights especially in the program implementation.

There will also be sharing of their viewpoints about Community-Driven Development approach which has been practiced and pushed to be adopted in every municipality and eventually in the whole country.

“Padayon, Kalahi-CIDSS” is the theme for this year’s National Community Volunteers Congress hoping that through this, it will create more advocates and walking evidences on how the program touched and changed the community’s lives and be able to gain support for the institutionalization of the program. ###


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A Person with Disability Takes on A Great Responsibility

“Gikalipay nako ug dako nga bisan paman sa akong kapansanan, dako ko ug gikatampo sa among komunidad (I am greatly thankful that despite my disability, I have contributed a lot for our community),” Alejandrino Luzano proudly expressed.

Alejandrino poses beside the sub-project billboard, a symbol of their victory as a united community.

Alejandrino, fondly called “Manoy” in the community was chosen by the community folks as the chairperson of the Barangay Sub-Project Management Committee (BSPMC) for the implementation and installation of the 30 in-grid solar streetlights, as their sub-project for their community. The BSPMC is the committee that takes care of the overall management of the sub-project. It also formulates policies and makes decisions for the project. It oversees sub-project implementation, monitoring, maintenance and sustainability after project completion.

Despite his condition, he accepted and religiously manage the team. “Akong gigamit akong kakayahan aron ipakita nila nga kaming mga disable dili louy, kon dili special kami, aduna kami mga abilidad nga kayang buhaton (I have used my skills and abilities to show them that persons with disability (PWD) like me, are not helpless but special because we are capable of doing something for our community),” asserted Alejandrino.

Alejandrino suffered Poliomyelitis or commonly called Polio at the age of four (4). He was paralyzed. With the assistance of his grandparent who paid for his therapy, he recovered and was able to walk again. But as an effect of his polio his eyesight was affected with congenital cataract. He has endured all the trials and has not considered his condition a hindrance to everything he does.

Ang Kalahi-CIDSS mao ang nagpukaw sa akong pag hikatulog, mao kini ang naghatag sa ako ug opportunidad, mao na nga magpadayon gihapon ko sa pag bulontaryo (Kalahi-CIDSS has awakened me to get involve with the community and share my talents and skills. It has also given me the opportunity to continue to be a volunteer in the community),” affirmed Alejandrino as he recalled his struggles in the past that taught him life’s lessons and have been the reason why he is able to rise above his disability and has become a leader in his community.

Aside from being an active chairperson of Kalahi-CIDSS he is also the president of Oslob Municipal Federation of Persons with Disability and has ably reorganized the PWD association in all 18 Barangays. His enthusiasm in serving the sector he belongs has encouraged his fellow PWD members to be active in every activity in their town. He crafted the PWD federation action plan which get an annual fund allocation from the Municipal Local Government Unit.

He is a good role model of a leader, the people of barangay Luka, look up to him as their “bayani” because in spite of his physical condition, he was able to balance his time between his family and community. As a family man, he also works hard to fend for his family. He raises pigs and cattle. He utilizes his small piece of land for planting different kinds of vegetables. As a community volunteer, he actively participates in barangay assemblies and community activities not only in Kalahi-CIDSS program but also in the socio-civic undertakings in their town. He devoted his time and contributed his skills to every task assigned to him.

“Tungod sa gipakita nga kakugi ni Alejandrino, ang uban nga dili kaayo aktibo, napukaw ug nahinay-hinay na ug participate, kay tungod gipakita ni Alejandrino ang walay pag lubad nga kugi alang sa ilang komunidad (Because of Alejandrino’s hard work, the others who do not participate, were persuaded and were enticed to also do their share in helping their community),” observed Phil Jun Laingo the Kalahi-CIDSS area coordinator assigned in Oslob.

Through the efforts of the volunteers, other people in the community, municipal government and barangay local government unit, the community has been able to install streetlights for a total project cost of Php 779,800.00.

The streetlights have lighted the dark area in the community and lifted the people’s fear in walking the unlighted road.

For Alejandrino, Kalahi-CIDSS has given so much to him and to his community. “Gihatagan gyud sa Kalahi ug katakos ang mga tawo nga moapil-apil, nga ang gobyerno moadto sa mga tawo ug mo konsulta kung unsay buot nga sub-project nga ilang himoon (Kalahi-CIDSS has empowered the people to participate in the community affairs because the government goes to the communities and consult the people about their needs and how to address it),” declared Alejandrino. ###


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DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS turns over Level II water system in Poblacion West

The community volunteers of Poblacion West in Catigbian, Bohol happily accept the sub-project from DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS.

George Isulat, Regional Community Infrastructure Specialist of DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS tests one of the five (5) tapstands that serve the community.

The turn-over of the water system is apt and timely since the area is affected by El Niño. Through this water system the community’s need for water in Poblacion West is answered. Gone are the days when the community folks had to walk one kilometer everyday just to fetch water. The residents and the community volunteers celebrate their success as the level 2 pump-driven water system they have been working for is finally done. The sub-project is now turned over to the people’s organization to manage and maintain its good condition and functionality.

Mapasalamaton kami dinhi sa among barangay nga gihimo kaming instrumento para mapahimutang kining among proyekto nga tubig. Garbo namo nga nahimo kining water system aron mapaduol na ang pagkuha ug tubig (We are thankful that we are part in the realization of this water system in our community. Also we are proud that we are able to ease the burden of each household by bringing the water to the community),” expressed Timoteo Magno, community volunteer of Poblacion West.

The Operations and Maintenance Group (O and M) headed by Julius Magsino, who is also the Barangay Sub-Project Management Committee (BSPMC) Chairperson, promised to lead the community in taking care of the water system and serve as role models to others as the community folks continue to work on the development of their barangay. ###


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Footbridge ends danger to community folks

Sa wala pa kining footbridge daghan na ang na aksidente dinhing lugara, ilabi na sa mga bagyong nangagi. Lisod kayo ilabi na sa mga estudyante nga molabang diring dapita. Nakalasan na kinig kinabuhi sa usa ka bata samtang naglabang gamit ang gakit (makeshift raft), nalambud ang pisi hinungdan nga natuwad ang gakit ug nalumos ang bata (Before this footbridge was built, accidents happened here especially during typhoons. It claimed the life of a child who was crossing the river using the makeshift raft, when the rope he was holding on got tangled which caused the raft to capsize),” shared Salome Agsoy, PPT Chairperson of Barangay Fortaliza, Tuburan, Cebu.

Kalahi-CIDSS footbridge in Brgy. Fortaliza, Tuburan, Cebu.

Barangay Fortaliza is one of the 54 barangays in Tuburan. Most of these barangays are located in the mountains while Fortaliza is situated in the lowland. The barangay serves as the “catch basin” of the water from the upland area. Whenever heavy rainfall comes the 25 hectares of land will be filled with water. It takes 6 months for the water to recede.

This has been the problem of the community every time there is flood. The floodwater would damage the community’s livelihood, and not only that, it posed danger to the community most especially to the 60 elementary students and approximately 150 high school students of Colonia National High School from Barangay Caridad, Kansi, Bakyawan and Gaang. These children would cross the field using the makeshift raft also known as “gakit”. It came to a point where the school’s attendance was greatly affected because students preferred to be absent in class than to take the risk in crossing the field on a raft.

The residents were desperate to really build a safe passage for the residents, most especially for the students. When DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS came, the residents were hopeful that their dream footbridge will soon rise.

Luckily, during the Municipal Inter-Barangay Forum (MIBF), barangay Fortaliza was prioritized. The community volunteers could not contain their emotions; the footbridge would now be a dream come true for them.

For these people who had been longing for a solution to their problem considered DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS as an answer to their prayers. “This bridge provides the students and the community folks a safe passage to access basic social services at the town proper. It would help the business establishments and commerce to prosper in our barangay most especially in the sitios directly affected by this floodwaters,” added Salome.

The 140 Households of Sitio San Miguel who are the direct beneficiaries are very happy to have the footbridge.

The footbridge in Fortaliza has not only provided a safe passage but it also opens to opportunities to the residents as well as to the barangay. When the footbridge was completed, it stirs curiosity to tourist and neighboring town.

“There are passersby who would really stop and take pictures in the footbridge, there are also some instances where it was used as location for pre-nup shoot,” shared Annalyn Cuer, barangay councilor of Fortaliza.

The footbridge is really a site that would create wonder. It proudly stands in the middle of a cornfield.

“This is a dream come true, this was worth all the sacrifices and the ridicule that we received from the non-volunteers which I just ignored. I held my head high when the footbridge was finally done,” recalled Salome. ###


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Kalahi-CIDSS teaches honesty and transparency

Most people would agree that money is commodity. People work to provide for the family. Some would bet in game of chance to win millions.  Also, would do anything to get fast cash, but there are also a few honest people who have a pure heart and returned big amount of cash without expecting something in return. Mrs. Jeany L. Nieves a former Kalahi-CIDSS Community Volunteer, and currently a Barangay Treasurer of Barangay Kandingan, Aloguinsan, Cebu is one of those few honest people.

Jeany flashes a huge smile after she returns the money to the bank.

Jeany, 37-year-old mother of two is a former Barangay Sub-Project Management Committee-Chairperson during the 1st cycle of implementation of DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS in their town. Her dedication and her skills in managing people, especially in being transparent in every transaction they made as a community volunteers of DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS, is the reason why the Barangay Local Government Unit appointed Jeany to be their Barangay Treasurer.

In the implementation of DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS, the barangay treasurer, who is the only one bonded in the community, is tasked to do bank transactions, disburse funds and process weekly payments for the laborers working for the sub-project in their barangay.

In one ordinary afternoon of July 3, 2018, Jeany went to the bank to encash for the salary of paid laborers for the barangay sub-project. After paying the laborers, she noticed that she still has a good amount of cash left. She thought that maybe the bank teller had released more than the amount of the check she encashed. She returned to the Bank in Toledo City and gave the money to the teller. “Giuli gyud nako ang money kay dili man to ako (I returned the money, because it is not mine to keep) shared Jeany, recalling the incident.

The bank manager and the teller did not notice the overpayment until Jeany came on that same afternoon informing the teller that she released an excess of Php 17,500.00.

The Kalahi-CIDSS community volunteers like Jeany were trained to be transparent and to really value the money’s worth and to diligently keep track of the resources and expenditures. This is what the program is all about, to mold people into good citizens and be advocates of change in the community.

Sa training gitudluan mi nga ibatasan ang transparency, ug isip usa ka treasurer, kinahanglan nga matinud-anon ko sa trabaho kay ga involve man kini og kwarta (In Kalahi-CIDSS training we were taught to practice transparency, and as a treasurer, I have to be honest with my work because it involves money),” added Jeany when asked about her reason of doing things right. ###


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7 barangays prioritized in Moalboal for DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS 4th cycle implementation

In the 4th cycle of implementation of the DSWD’s Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan – Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (Kalahi-CIDSS) in the town of Moalboal, all 15 barangays vied to get prioritized for funding.

All the 15 barangays of Moalboal are ready for their presentation during the Municipal Inter-Barangay Forum Participatory Resource Allocation (MIBF-PRA).

Out of the 15, 7 barangays were prioritized for the Php 12,454,200 municipal grant namely: Barangay Tomonoy. Agbalanga, Bala, Bugho Batad, Tunga, Batadbatad and Basdiot. Four (4) of these barangays proposed for concreting of access roads and three (3) for school buildings.

The community Volunteers of Barangay Basdiot who got the last spot were so thankful but were also worried, for they have to produce a total of Php 1,183,800 for their Local Cash Counterpart (LCC) for the construction of 1 unit 2 classroom building.

Dako-dako gyud ang among gikinahanglan para sa counterpart pero amo ning paningkamotan, magtinabangay lang, kay gikinahanglan gyud namo ang elementary school building (We need a big amount for our counterpart, but we will find a way,we will work together because we really need this),” expressed Barangay Captain Cirilo Tapales.

Not only the community volunteers who were so happy with the result but also the students who will be benefitting the classroom building. “I am very happy even if we were at the bottom of the list, we will now have an additional classroom,” said Beverly Llamedo, a student of Basdiot Elementary School.

“As soon as I saw the result and knew that we have to put up a huge counterpart, I texted Captain Tapales to accept and need not worry, because we, the community volunteers will support this project and make it happen,” shared Shiela Muhammad, Barangay Representation Team Chairperson of Basdiot.

“The community volunteers have gone through a lot since DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS started in our town. This is not a thing to worry about, if we are united and we will work on this together, we can make it happen,” shared Shiela after the activity.

These processes give the common people a chance to identify their needs and to decide what need should be addressed first. The Kalahi-CIDSS program in its many years of implementation in the region, has been teaching community folks to be participative, it also teaches them to voice out their need and to decide what is good for their community.

In the Municipal Inter Barangay Forum Participatory Resource Allocation, the community volunteers were taught on how to effectively present their problems and how to encourage others to be vigilant and to be involved in every activity of the community.

The Kalahi-CIDSS processes have been proven in years of practice to be effective because volunteers are taught to participate in the affairs of the community and decide for its own development. ###


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Panglao bags model LGU Implementing Kalahi-CIDSS award

The Municipality of Panglao bagged the National Gapas Award 2018 as the Best LGU Implementing Kalahi-CIDSS, the award was received by Honorable Mayor Leonila P. Montero received the award on February 15, 2019 at the Land Bank of the Philippines Manila during the DSWD Panata Ko sa Bayan Awards Ceremony.

Honorable Leonila P. Montero, Mayor of the Local Government Unit of Panglao, Bohol, receives the 2019 PaNata Ko Sa Bayan Awards under the sub-category GAPAS Award: Model LGU Implementing Kalahi-CIDSS.

One of the many points why LGU Panglao got the award is their drive to give a true service to its constituents. The Municipality of Panglao consistently provides support to the identified needs of the barangays especially those who are not funded under Kalahi-CIDSS.  In the implementation of the Kalahi-CIDSS Program in the municipality, the Local Government Unit of Panglao has been improving its performance in every cycle especially in terms of the sub-project implementation. Not once has it gone beyond 180 days’ limit of completing the sub-project.

The LGU is also good in managing resources, from a total of Php 34,858,600.00 of Kalahi grants and local counterpart in 3 cycles they were able to utilize Php 34,633,111.14 or 99.35% of funds received and used up 30% or Php 9,943,046.65 of its total funding as payment for laborers working on its sub-project.

The Municipality of Panglao has been consistent in keeping its place at the top. In 2018 it also won 3 awards during the program yearly LGU Assessment and Awarding. It bagged the Best in Geo-Database Management, Database Management and Grievance Management awards.

The Gawad Paglilingkod Sambayanan or Gapas award is a sub-category of the Panata Ko sa Bayan Awards, this is given to the partners for their invaluable support to the department and to the program. This award is presented to the stakeholders and employees who have contributed to the empowering of communities and individuals in every DSWD Anniversary since 2010. ###


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