Welcome to 2023!

May the year bring us joy, good health, peace, success, and prosperity!

As we embark on another year of being the lead agency in social protection, let us continue to extend assistance to our partner-beneficiaries and stakeholders by strengthening our processes and procedures in the delivery of programs and services.

The previous years have been difficult due to the pandemic and we are still experiencing its effects, especially on those who are poor, vulnerable, and disadvantaged. Some may have gone through disappointments, unmet goals, and losses. For the new year, we need a new chance at life, a fresh start!

Here are five (5) simple and doable tips that we can all do to start our new year right.

1. New dreams – Craft exciting goals that will motivate you to work hard.

2. New way of thinking – Adopt a positive mindset that can overcome challenges that may come along. Enrich your mind by consistently acquiring new knowledge and skills.

3. New environment – Surround yourself with people who can boost your confidence and help you achieve your goals faster.

4. New heart – Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Set your heart free from any emotional baggage. Love more.

5. New strength – Deepen your spirituality by attending worship services and prayer. In the spirit lies true strength.

We must think of great things that will happen to us. We have to plan and work on them like never before!

Most importantly, be guided by our core values.

Maagap at Mapagkalingang Serbisyo;

Serbisyong Walang Puwang sa Katiwalian;

and Patas na Pagtrato sa Komunidad

To all DSWD Field Office VII Angels in Red Vest, let us join our hands and hearts as we pursue our “PAGPAKABANA” (concern, vigilance, mindfulness, aware, and act a patrollers) in our day-to-day operation and in our respective families and communities because #BawatBuhayMahalagaSaDSWD.

Lastly to all the Angels in Red Vest, Happy DSWD 72nd Anniversary!