Nutritionist Dietician III and Program Focal Person Ma. Romilene C. Padilla and Nutritionist Dietician II Mark Jundale C. Tan discussed the program and the importance of nutrition, especially for malnourished children.
Earlier: In celebration of Nutrition Month, the Supplementary Feeding Program (SFP) joins DSWD-7 Information Caravan On-The-Air with DYHP RMN Cebu. @dswdserves DSWDfo7 photo
Watch the livestream of "DSWD-7 Information Caravan On-the-Air" radio program. Click the link here @dswdserves
"Dako kaayo'g importansya ang pag graduate sa college para sa akong kaugalingon ug sa akong pamilya tungod kay kani mao ang bunga sa akong pagpaningkamot ug bunga sa pagpaningkamot sa akong pamilya," Jeryls Carl L. Ganzon from Tudela, Cebu. @dswdserves @pantawidpamilya DSWDfo7 photo
4Ps Information Officer Kerwin Macopia also presents the winners of 4Ps ReyNanay and the first 4Ps ReyNanay winner Justina Villego shares her life improvement with the help of the program. #DSWDMayMalasakit
Ongoing: 4Ps FDS Focal Person Randie De Gracia discusses the FDS topic of the month which is “Tamang Kaalaman tungkol sa Climate Change” during the "Ikaw ug ang DSWD Kauban sa Kabag-ohan" radio program via DYHP 612 khz. @dswdserves @pantawidpamilya DSWDfo7 photo

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