Head of Office
Contact Details
a. Office of the Regional DirectorDirector Rebecca P. Geamala/ Director IVlocal 108 ; 233-2172
b. Office of the Assistant Regional Director for OperationsShalaine Marie S. Lucerolocal 112
c. Office of the Assistant Regional Director for AdministrationAntonio R. Dolaotalocal 107
d. Office of the Policy and Plans DivisionGraeme Ferdinand D. Armecinlocal 117
e. Office of the PromotiveServices DivisionAileen G. Cuevaslocal 114
f. Office of the Protective Services DivisionRosemarie S. Salazarlocal 116
g. Office of the Disaster Response Management DivisionJosephine C. Belotindoslocal 133
h. Office of the Financial Management DivisionPatricia R. Megalbiolocal 142
i. Office of the Administrative DivisionEmmanuel M. Edleslocal 109
j. Office of the Human Resource Management & Development DivisionNorman P. Jordanlocal 122

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