Despite the global threat of COVID-19, the National Household Targeting Section (NHTS) of DSWD-7 has resumed the Listahanan household assessment that was temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Listahanan staff delivered the PPE kits, HAFs and supplies to Listahanan Area Coordinators.

The Listahanan staff regularly meet online to discuss matters pertaining to the resumption of the Listahanan activities including the strict adherence to the health protocols for the safety of the staff against COVID-19 while ensuring that quality data will still be obtained.

Starting July 31, NHTS staff visited the Listahanan field staff in their areas to deliver the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Household Assessment Forms (HAF), among others.

Also, online chats for the staff are always open so that constant communication about Listahanan will be tackled.

Listahanan or the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR) is an information management system that identifies who and where the poor are. It is mandated to update its data every four years under EO 867 series of 2010. ###

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