The Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office VII announces that there is an ongoing data verification or validation of all existing beneficiaries of the Unconditional Cash Transfer (UCT) program within the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Law or Train Law from November to December 2020 for the generation of the UCT ID and Cash Card.

As part of the validation, the validators take photos of the beneficiaries, their houses, and their government IDs and birth certificates.

The three-year mandatory implementation of the UCT program under the Train Law covers 2018, 2019, and 2020.

The UCT regional and national offices in coordination with the Land Bank of the Philippines are committed to facilitating the release of the funds to all beneficiaries.

The move for cash card generation is aimed at a more efficient and speedy release of UCT cash grants.

The ID and the Cash Card will be used by the beneficiaries to receive the remaining unpaid 2018 and 2019 cash grants, as well as to access future UCT grants if the program is extended and other DSWD programs and services.

The program has a total of 282,379 beneficiaries in the entire Central Visayas. The 2018 and 2019 cash grants have been released to the beneficiaries, although there are still remaining unpaid beneficiaries due to the delay of payroll generation and the continuing Covid-19 pandemic. Though the 2020 payroll and funds are not released yet by the national government but once approved, we will immediately inform the public when to do the payment. ###

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