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DSWD completes distribution of bigger relief in 17 quake-hit towns in Bohol

Seventeen (17) worst quake-hit towns in Bohol have already received the two-week worth relief supplies from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), World Food Programme (WFP) and Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID).

These towns are Antequera, Balilihan, Buenavista, Calape, Carmen, Catigbian, Clarin, Corella, Cortes, Danao, Inabanga, Loon, Maribojoc, Sagbayan, San Isidro, Sevilla, and Tubigon.

A total of 59,703 family food packs were distributed to the affected families and individuals in these towns. Each food pack contains 20 kilograms of rice, 10 cans of sardines, 10 cans of beef loaf, 10 packs of noodles, 10 packs of coffee, and 10 packs of chocolate drink.

“We have set clear criteria in identifying the 17 priority municipalities that were given the family food packs,” said DSWD-7 Regional Director Mercedita Jabagat.

The 17 towns were ranked based on poverty incidence level, number of damaged houses and number of displaced families.

The second round of distribution is scheduled on November 16-18.

DSWD also distributed family food packs to the town of Loay and Tubigon after Super Typhoon Yolanda battered the Visayas region.

Meanwhile, as Cebu becomes the center of logistics for relief operation, DSWD-7 continues packing family food packs to be delivered in the northern part of Cebu and in Eastern Visayas.

Private citizen and concerned individuals flocked to the regional office to help in packing and handling both food and non-food items. (PR – Kerwin Macopia)


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DSWD bares new relief plan for quake-hit towns

To ensure orderly and equal distribution of relief goods in quake-hit areas in Bohol, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) came up with a new relief distribution plan for the 17 affected towns.

DSWD partnered with the provincial government of Bohol, Australian Aid (AusAid),  and the World Food Programme (WFP) for the new distribution scheme.

“We have set clear criteria in identifying the priority municipalities that will be receiving food packs,” said DSWD Secretary Corazon Juliano-Soliman.

The 17 towns were ranked based on poverty incidence level, number of damaged houses and number of displaced families.

From November 1 to 3, DSWD personnel will distribute 59,703 family food packs to the affected areas.

The family food packs to be distributed during the long weekend contain 20 kilograms of rice, 10 cans of sardines, 10 cans of beef loaf, 10 packs of noodles, 10 packs of coffee, and 10 packs of chocolate drink. Each pack is good for two weeks.

Based on the plan, three more rounds of relief distribution will take place on November 16-18, December 1-3, and December 16-17. For these rounds, food packs to be distributed will contain 20 kilograms of rice, six cans of sardines, five cans of beef loaf, five cans of corned beef, five cans of pork and beans, five cans of sausage, and 10 packs of coffee.

The Secretary vowed that relief distribution will continue until such time that the affected families are ready and able to meet their own basic needs.


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DSWD Partners with LGUs to Fast Track Relief Distribution in Quake-Hit Areas

To fast track relief distribution in quake-hit areas in Bohol, Department Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Dinky Soliman said that there should be stronger coordination with concerned local government units.

The Secretary emphasized that local officials know the circumstances and immediate needs of their constituents, thus, they should be consulted.

She, however, explained that the relief goods need not be surrendered to the local officials.

“In times of crisis, we should help one another and not engage in politics,” Secretary Soliman added.

As of October 24, the DSWD reported that since the earthquake occurred, a total of 198,113 family packs have been distributed to 39 towns including Tagbilaran City by the combined team of DSWD, Provincial Government of Bohol, and non-government organizations.

Aside from food items, the DSWD also provided 153 rolls of laminated plastic tents to be used as temporary shelter of families from the towns of Loon, Maribojoc, Catigbian, San Isidro, Cortes, Tubigon, San Miguel, Antequerra, Dagohoy, Carmen, Batuan, Sikatuna, Sierra Bullones, Dimiao, Pilar, Bilar, Sagbayan, Corella, and Trinidad.

From the initial 109 evacuation centers, only 81 are now open. The number of community-based evacuation sites still remains at 22.

“We are now on the second cycle of relief distribution. We have also partnered with local and international humanitarian groups to begin planning for the early recovery and rehabilitation efforts,” Secretary Soliman added.

Meanwhile, DSWD deployed social workers in the most affected towns and have started distributing Disaster Assistance Family Access Card (DAFAC) to the families.

The DAFAC aims to validate status of the affected families and will serve as reference for provision of additional and appropriate interventions required per family.

To ensure transparency, barangay personnel and other community volunteers are involved in the validation of the official list of affected families.

(PR – Kerwin Macopia and Simeon Remata III)


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DSWD-7 Pours 7M Aid to Earthquake Victims in Bohol

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in Central Visayas has continued sending family food packs to victims of earthquake that struck the island province last week. As of October 21, the DSWD has poured in almost Php7 million worth of relief goods in Bohol.

A total of 25,957 family food packs were already distributed to the most affected towns in Alburquerque, Alicia, Antequera, Balilihan, Batuan, Buenavista, Calape, Carmen, Catigbian, Clarin, Cortes, Dagohoy, Danao, Dauis, Inabanga, Lila, Loay, Loboc, Loon, Maribojoc, Panglao, Sagbayan, San Isidro, San Miguel, Sevilla, Tubigon, and Tagbilaran City, all in Bohol.

DSWD Secretary Corazon Juliano-Soliman said that, “We are exerting all our efforts in the distribution of our family food packs especially to the isolated towns in which the roads are impassable and bridges that connect to the mainland were destroyed.”

DSWD is already in its second cycle of relief goods distribution.

“The distribution would not be possible without the help from the Provincial Government of Bohol who provided us their trucks, the Philippine Navy and Philippine Coast Guards for their vessels, and choppers from the Philippine Air Force,” Secretary Soliman added.

DSWD also distributed 61 rolls of laminated plastics for their temporary shelters. A team of engineers will also start constructing tents for 2,000 affected families.

The construction of makeshift hospital tents in the town of Carmen is expected to be completed today while the municipalities of Loon, Maribojoc, and Sagbayan will be next in line.

Concerned citizens and the private sector in Cebu have also provided support and assistance to Bohol.

Julies Franchise Corporation donated Php 50,000 worth of Bayan Sliced Bread while Cherry Mobile and Intuitive Solutions donated assorted food items like sardines and biscuits.

Non-Government Organization like Rotary Club of Cebu also gave assorted canned goods and 7 boxes of noodles.

According to DSWD Field Office 7 Director Mercedita Jabagat, there are also a number of private individuals who went to the DSWD regional office who gave donations either money or in kind.

“I know there are still a lot of things to do but I am happy for the outpouring of love and support to our fellow countrymen. We will make it sure that Bohol can recover soon,” Jabagat said. (PR – Kerwin Macopia)


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DSWD-7 Intensifies Relief Operation for Earthquake Victims in Bohol

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in Central Visayas intensifies distribution of relief goods to earthquake affected families in the island province of Bohol.

“We were able to reach the isolated town of Loon yesterday through the help of Coastguard patrol boat and distributed family food packs,” said Regional Director Mercedita Jabagat.

As one of the town badly hit by the earthquake, it crumbled down to rubble the century-old church of the Nuestra Señora de la Luz, collapsed private houses and left many families wailing for help.

DSWD initially provided 2,830 family food packs and 1,204 (6.6 liters) of bottled waters to the people of Loon. Twenty five (25) plastic rolls were also provided as they make their own temporary shelters in safe places.

“We are fast tracking all our relief distribution and hoping it could reach all remote areas in the entire province,” Jabagat added.

“With the logistical help from the Provincial Government of Bohol and the Coastguard we were able to deliver the goods on time,” she emphasized.

DSWD is closely coordinating with all Local Government Units (LGUs) for the delivery of relief goods.

Meanwhile, DSWD Secretary Corazon “Dinky” Soliman together with DILG Secretary Mar Roxas went to the town of Carmen.

After the assessment and discussion with the people, Soliman assured that relief operation will be continuous until normalcy returns to the town.


They also distributed 1,500 family food packs and 480 (4 liters) of bottled waters.

DSWD also partially distributed family food packs to the towns of Maribojoc, Catigbian, Antequera, Tubigon, Calape, Panglao, San Isidro and Tagbilaran City. (PR – Kerwin Macopia)


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DSWD-7 Sets up Operation Center in SWAD-Bohol

To facilitate immediate response for relief operation, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office VII sets up an operation center in Social Welfare and Development (SWAD)–Bohol located at the Circumferential Road, Dampas District, Tagbilaran City.

“We hope to fast track the distribution of our family food packs to the affected families around the province of Bohol,” said SWAD-Bohol Team Leader Papiasa Bustrillos.

“We have received lots of messages and calls from different concerned individuals and hope we can deliver all of our food packs as fast as we could,” Bustrillos added.

With damaged bridges and ripped-open roads the agency had difficulty in reaching isolated areas.

A group of students helped in packing and handling the relief goods for the victims of the strong earthquake that hit the island province.

“To answer the call of help from our fellow Boholanos, I encouraged my students to reach out and show their empathy. Living up to what’s expected especially from a catholic school, we are trying to develop our students become servant-leaders and increase their social awareness,” said Catherene Bustrillos, a Psychology Professor of Holy Name University.

“I wanted them to be a part of something big, to show them that there is still hope for humanity, that despite the tragedy, we can still feel and help others in need. Luckily, many responded to my post in my Facebook account,” she added.

Thirteen (13) Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries also went to SWAD-Bohol and helped packed rice and canned goods.

Meanwhile, a team from the social welfare department had to board a coastguard patrol boat in transferring the relief goods to the town of Loon.

About 2,830 family food packs and 5,000 bottles of 5.6 liters bottled water were distributed today.

Twenty five (25) tents were also provided to the affected families in the evacuation centers.

DSWD-7 also transported 1,500 food packs and 380 boxes of bottled water to the town of Carmen. (PR – Kerwin Macopia)



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DSWD-7 Reached the Isolated Town of Maribojoc

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in Central Visayas struggled to reach the Municipality of Maribojoc in Bohol after a strong earthquake hit the island province last Tuesday morning.

As one of the town severely hit by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake, Maribojoc become isolated when it’s Abatan Bridge and main roads ripped apart.

DSWD-7 transferred the 1,100 sacks of family food packs yesterday afternoon to a river boat or bandong and navigated the Abatan River going to the isolated town.

300 separate relief goods were also delivered to the island barangay of Cabawan.

“The people there is having difficulty in sending text message since they don’t have electricity right now,” said Regional Director Mercedita Jabagat.

“We are requesting the private and business sector if they can lend power generator to Maribojoc as well as to the nearby affected towns,” added Jabagat.

Jabagat expressed gratitude to concerned individuals who flocked the regional office to packed relief goods.

Meanwhile, DSWD-7 will be visiting the town of Loon today to distribute 1,850 family food packs and 5,000 bottles of 5.6 liters bottled water.

Family food packs contained 3 kilos of rice and 7 assorted canned goods.

Twenty five (25) tents will also be provided to the affected families in the evacuation centers.  (PR – Kerwin Macopia)


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DSWD-7 Accepts Donations for Earthquake Victims

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office – VII is now accepting in-kind and cash donations for the earthquake victims in Central Visayas.

Several towns and cities were affected after a magnitude of 7.2 earthquake rocked Central Visayas today.

As of 5:00 pm today, a total of 184 people were reported to the agency, 41 of them died and 143 others were injured from the cities of Cebu particularly Cebu, Toledo, Talisay, Lapu-Lapu, Mandaue and the town Pinamungahan. In Bohol, the city of Tagbilaran and the towns of Balilihan, Batuan, Calape, Catagbian, Pilar, Clarin, Inabanga, Loon, Sagbayan, Sierra Bullones, Talibon, Trinidad and Tubigon. While in Siquijor, the town of Maria.

A total of 13 evacuation centers have been put-up in the towns of Alicia (2), Calape (6), Tubigon (4), and Tagbilaran City (1).

There are 2,500 families with approximately 12,500 individuals who are currently sheltered in these evacuation centers as DSWD-7 is continuing to monitor other reports from earthquake victims in and outside evacuation centers.

Private citizens and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) can donate in-kind goods such as rice, canned goods, noodles, biscuits, coffee, sugar, bottled water, clothes, blankets, mats, toiletries, medicines.

Donations can be brought to the DSWD-7 Regional Office located at corner M.J Cuenco and General Maxilom Avenues, Cebu City or the DSWD Social Welfare and Development Team Office (SWAD) in Bohol located at the Circumferential Road, Dampas District, Tagbilaran City. One may look for Supply Officer Edward Dapiton or Bohol Team Leader Papiasa Bustrillos.

DSWD-7 assures continuance of assistance round the clock to monitor their conditions. (PR – Kerwin Macopia)


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