A few days before the Tara, Basa! Tutoring Program implementation period officially starts on July 1, 2024. The DSWD Field Office 7 organized a pre-deployment orientation for 704 tutors and Youth Development Workers (YDWs) from the Cebu Normal University in Cebu City.

Cebu City tutors and Youth Development Workers (YDWs) of DSWD-7’s Tara, Basa! Tutoring Program participated in a brief oath-taking ceremony as a pledge to uphold the agency’s Code of Conduct for Child Protection Policy.

This preparatory session aims to provide comprehensive guidance and reminders to the tutors and YDWs before they embark on their roles in the tutorial and parenting sessions.

During the orientation, tutors and Youth Development Workers receive detailed briefings and reviews on their roles and objectives, tutoring methodologies, and the importance of observing the child protection policy. A pre-deployment allowance amounting to P2,000 was also distributed to the program tutors and YDWs as additional support as they prepared for deployment to their respective school assignments.

The program’s technical working group facilitated the distribution of the learning kits containing essential items such as shirts, umbrellas, teaching materials, and guidebooks. These resources support their 20-day tutorial sessions with struggling or non-reader incoming grade 2 learners and the Nanay Tatay Teacher Sessions for the learner’s parents.

As part of the preparatory initiatives of the Field Office for the Tara, Basa! Tutoring Program, tutors, and Youth Development Workers (YDWs) have also committed to upholding the agency’s Code of Conduct for Child Protection Policy by holding a brief oath-taking ceremony.  The agency’s Code of Conduct ensures the tutor’s and YDWs’ interaction and activity within the Tara, Basa! Tutoring Program prioritizes the well-being and safety of the children involved.

A total of 704 tutors and YDWs will be deployed to 68 public elementary schools in Cebu City to conduct the tutorial sessions for the 4,570 incoming grade 2 learners who are struggling or non-readers, as well as for the Nanay Tatay Teacher sessions of the learner’s parents.

In the 20-day implementation period of the Tara, Basa! Tutoring Program, the tutors and YDWs are not only committed to contributing to the improvement of the reading literacy of children but also to fostering a secure and supportive environment for them. ###

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