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DSWD disaster response efforts recognized

“This is for the DSWD 7 staff and to the individuals, civic organizations, schools, other national government agencies, non-government organizations and business sectors who volunteered to help us provide food and non-food assistance to the families affected by the Marawi Clash,” said Regional Director Ma. Evelyn B. Macapobre.

Lanao del Sur Vice Governor Mamintal A. Adiong give the Plaque of Recognition to DSWD 7 Regional Director Ma. Evelyn B. Macapobre.

Director Macapobre represented the Department of Social Welfare and Development to the Provincial Recognition Day of the Provincial Government of Lanao del Sur because DSWD 7also received a Plaque of Recognition.

Vice Governor Mamintal A. Adiong of Lanao del Sur gave the Plaque of Recognition to Director Macapobre.

The DSWD 7 is recognized for its invaluable assistance and continuous service to the internally displaced persons of Marawi City and Lanao del Sur.

The DSWD 7 has provided a total of 298,947 family food packs worth     Php 111,948,799.68 and 500 non-food items amounting to Php 3,774,809.50 to the families affected by the Marawi Clash. ###


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DSWD-7 holds 3rd Panaghiusa Festival

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office VII will once again stage the Panaghiusa Festival on December 6-8, 2017 at the Ayala Center Cebu.

The Panaghiusa Festival, which is already on its third year, aims to increase public awareness on DSWD programs and services and its accomplishments.

The festival further aims to showcase the positive impact of the programs in the lives of its partner-beneficiaries through their success stories.

“For this year, we will invite partner-beneficiaries in order to share their inspiring stories and how they were able to rise above the challenges they face in their day to day life,” Regional Director Ma. Evelyn Macapobre said.

“We want the beneficiaries to be a model and inspiration to others so that they will not give up easily in pursuing their dreams and aspirations,” Macapobre added.

Various activities are lined-up like the SLP job fair, festival parade, opening salvo, trade exhibit, information caravan, state of the region address and awarding of the 2017 Regional Search for Huwarang Pantawid Pamilya, Exemplary Pantawid Pamilya Children and Kalahi-CIDSS Bayani Ka! winners.

For the trade exhibit, Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) products from Bohol, Cebu, Negros Oriental and Siquijor will be on display and for sale at the rotunda of Ayala Center Cebu.

“Aside from DSWD internal convergence, DSWD recognizes the contribution of various partners and stakeholders like other national government agencies (NGAs) that’s why we invite them to join the information caravan and have an information desk during the festival,” Macapobre said.

“We have been to various places in the region just to reach out many people and this festival will culminate the year-long information caravan of the Department,” she added.

Mall goers can inquire on DSWD and partner NGAs on its various programs and services during mall hours. ###


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Children’s talent contest caps 25th National Children’s Month celebration

More than 200 Day Care children from different cities and municipalities in Central Visayas showcased their talents in the 2017 Regional Children’s Contest held recently at the Mandaue City Cultural and Sports Complex.

Xavier Eñego Umpad from Cebu City tells about his drawing on drug problem based on the theme “Bata: Iligtas sa Druga”. He wins first place besting other 16 kids for the Draw and Tell category.

DSWD Assistant Regional Director for Operations Shalaine Marie Lucero acknowledges the various Local Government Units particularly the day care workers and the parents who tirelessly supported their children.

Luke Niño Doliente from the Municipality of Dauis representing the Province of Bohol sings a Visayan song “Paglaum”. He bags the first place for the singing category.

In her opening remarks, Lucero said that the whole society should help each other to make the community drug-free and safe for the children.

“Yes, it is true that the children are the future of our country and also among society’s most vulnerable members, so it is the duty of the government and child protection advocates to ensure their safety and well-being are prioritized,” she said.

Xavier Eñego Umpad of Cebu City impressed the judges and the audiences with his compelling explanation of his drawing about drug problem.

Kita mo ani? Mao kini ang druga. Makadaot sa atong lawas. Makadaot sa atong mga pangandoy (Do you see this? This is illegal drug. Harmful to our health. Hindrance to our dreams),” the 4-year-old kid from Brgy. Pung-ol Sibugay said as he pointed to his drawing.

Busa, kamong mga ginikanan, tudloi mi ninyo ug agaka mi ninyo paingon sa matarong nga dalan aron malikay lang mi sa druga, sa ginadiling druga (Therefore, parents, teach us and guide us in the right direction so that we will stay away from drugs, from illegal drugs),” he said.

Xavier Eñego bested other 16 child contenders in the draw & tell category.

Keisha Yussin Pajulas of Siaton, Negros Oriental and Qastle Quinjhi Aquino of Talisay City finished second and third in the same category, respectively.

In the singing category, Luke Niño Doliente of Dauis, Bohol finished first place for his pitch perfect rendition of a Visayan pop song ‘Paglaum’.

While John Niño Sarabosing of Guihulngan City placed second and Rhea Saranillo of Jimalalud, Negros Oriental placed third.

For the folk dance category, 14 contingents showed off their dancing skills.

Children from the Municipality of Santa Catalina representing the Province of Negros Oriental was declared the grand champion for their dance called “Jota Quirino”. The dance distinguished itself from other versions of jota through the use of bamboo castanets.

The second place and third place went to Danao City and Carcar City, respectively.

Day Care children from the Municipality of Santa Catalina representing the Province of Negros Oriental show off their dancing prowess and win 1st Place in the Folk Dance category during the Regional Children’s Contest.

All winners received cash prizes and certificates of recognition. Non-winning contestants also received consolation prizes.

The contest culminated the 25th National Children’s Month (NCM) celebration. ###


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A fish vendor’s daughter: A good example for her generation

At a young age, Rhenalyn Joy C. Perez, 12 years old, from barangay Nagerong, Lazi, Siquijor already experiences life’s difficulties especially in pursuing her education.

“Kaniadto motago ko ilalom sa katre kung magtuon ko sa gabii aron dili mapalong ang lamparilya inig huros sa hangin (Before, I would hide under our bed when I studied in the evening to keep the lighted kerosene lamp from being blown out by sudden gust of wind),” said Rhenalyn.

Rhenalyn joy’s parents instilled in her mind and heart the value of education, hard work and humility that despite of their poverty it won’t be a hindrance in reaching her dreams.

This had been the reality faced by Rhenalyn as she went through with her daily routine when her family still lived with her maternal grandparents. Her maternal grandparents’ house was located near the shoreline and had no electricity. But this did not deter her from cultivating the good study habit.

This she vividly remembers every time she wakes up at 3 o’clock in the morning to study her lessons and to prepare herself for school.

Unlike before, Rhenalyn need not hide anymore under the bed to study.

Gone are the days when she had to lie on her stomach while studying under the bed. At present, her study table makes it easier for her to scan her notes and answer her assignments. Her family now lives in their own house lighted by electricity.

“I sleep early and wake up early so that I can review and study my assignments and be ready for class recitation,” shares Rhenalyn.

Rhenalyn’s mother, Arlene, 38 years old is a homemaker while her father Ricky, 41 years old vends fish in the market.

“Kaniadto usa ra ako ka drayber sa  habal-habal. Tungod sa tabang sa Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, naka-tigom ko og  gamay nga kwarta ug mao kini ang gigamit nako sa pagtinda og isda (I used to be a habal-habal driver.  With the help of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, I was able to save money and used it as capital for selling fish, which I still do until now),” Ricky shares his struggles to make both ends meet.

Identified as poor family, the Perez family is among the beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program.  Because of the Pantawid Program, Ricky had already stopped being a habal-habal driver who ferries passengers every day unmindful of the scorching heat of the sun or of the heavy rains just to provide for his family.

A seventh grader of Lazi National Agricultural School (LNAS), Rhenalyn is proud of her heritage.  She shares her family has been experiencing hardships.  She is not ashamed though that her family is poor. Instead, she made this reality her inspiration to strive hard in her studies.

Rhenalyn is proud of her parents because despite being poor, they are doing their best to send her and her two siblings, Ryan and Ralph, to school.

Her parents have taught them the value of education, hard work and good character.  Ricky and Arlene exemplify hard work, love of family, respect to elders and faith in God.

As the eldest among the brood of three, Rhenalyn serves as a doting sister to her younger siblings. She takes it upon herself to wake up her younger brothers, Ryan and Ralph to ensure the two boys would take a bath and clean themselves up for school.

While the boys change for school uniform, Rhenalyn is also busy setting up the table for breakfast.

The boys respect Rhenalyn as she leads by example. She shows them how to say a prayer before eating their meals together.

As a doting sister, Rhenalyn Joy helps her mother during meal preparation. They enjoy eating healthy and balance meal together.

Lord, daghang salamat sa pagkaon nia sa among lamesa, unta kini makahatag ug kusog og nutrisyon namu aron mabuhat namu ang among mga nagkadaiyang gingbulahaton karung adlawa (Lord, thank you for the food on the table, we hope this would give us strength and nourishment to our body in order for us to deliver our tasks this day),” Rhenalyn made the sign of the cross after saying Amen.

Arlene says her daughter has mastered the art of cooking rice.  “Kabalo na maglung-ag si Rhenalyn, masaligan na nako na siya (Rhenalyn already knows how to cook rice, I can depend on her),” tells Arlene.

Aside from cooking rice, Rhenalyn would love to learn how to cook different viands like nilaga, tinola and their family’s favorite humba.

“Ganahan ko magkat-on pagluto kay gusto naku mamahimong chef sa barko (I love to learn how to cook different recipes because I would like to be a chef someday),” Rhenalyn shares her dream of becoming a chef in a luxury liner.

“Unsay chef? (What is chef?),” Ryan curiously asks her Ate Rhenalyn.

Rhenalyn patiently explains what a chef is while having breakfast. Their dining table becomes a good venue for the Perez family to talk to each other and strengthen communication among the members.

While having breakfast, Ricky arrived. By the sound of his motorcycle, the children could easily identify that it’s their father’s.

The three siblings run outside to meet their father and Rhenalyn leads in raising the front hand of their father lightly on her forehead as a sign of respect and love to their father.    The two boys follow suit.

When Rhenalyn arrives home after class, she immediately put her things aside, changes her clothes and helps her mother in the household chores.  She would usually wash the dishes on the sink at the back of their house.

“Usahay mag-tutor sad ko sa akong mga igsuon o magdula sad mi nila (I also provide tutorial classes to my younger brothers or I play games with them),” she added.


Rhenalyn has been a consistent first honor pupil from Grade 1 to Grade 6 at Simacolong Elementary School. And now, a first honor in her class at LNAS as Grade 7 student. Her being a consistent honor student manifested her commitment to pursue her education.

She always makes sure she is present in all her classes.

“Dili gyud ko ganahan nga mo-absent sa klase kay mahadlok ko nga dili maka-relate inig balik nakog tunga (I do not like to be absent in class because I’m afraid I could not follow through with my lessons when I get back to my classes),” says Rhenalyn.

During the awarding ceremony for the Provincial Search of Exemplary Pantawid Pamilya Children on July 27, 2017, Rhenalyn hurriedly ate her lunch after the half-day event so that she could still catch up her afternoon classes in preparation for the upcoming first periodical examination.

One of Rhenalyn’s favorite subjects is the ICF (Internet and Computing Fundamentals) handled by teacher Rose Lyn B. Paghasian.

“Rhenalyn is very participative in class, dili pa gani ko mahuman sa akong pangutana naa na dayun siyay ikatubag (Rhenalyn is very participative in class, she already has the answer even if I am not yet finish with my question),” Paghasian says.

Rhenalyn Joy unselfishly shares her knowledge to her classmates who are having difficulty in understanding class lessons.

She also reveals that Rhenalyn is always the first one to submit assignments, reports, projects, and etc.


“She also leads the group and sometimes helps in reprimanding unruly boys in class,” says Paghasian. She also says that every subject teacher of Rhenalyn knows her because of her good performance in school.

“I see in her a lot of potentials and I hope she will maintain her good performance in school,” verbalizes Paghasian.

During the school’s first recognition, Rhenalyn tops in her class.

Just like any normal student, Rhenalyn lives as a normal teenage girl would do.

Rhenalyn has three closest friends in the campus.  They are Chelen, Jannah and Irene who are also her classmates.

“Buotan, bright og matinabangon si Rhenalyn. Dili siya dawu nga classmate (Rhenalyn is kind, smart and helpful. She is not selfish),” Chelen said.

“Kun dili mi kasabot sa among leksyon, siya ang mopasabot namo (If we do not understand the lesson in class, she would explain it to us),” Jannah added.

“A good student and leader that she is, Rhenalyn knows how to balance her social and academic life,” attests her friend Irene.

“Alegre siya nga kauban og good influence namu (She is cool to be with and a good influence to us),” says Irene.


Besides being a consistent first honor student, Rhenaly also excels in her co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

She has been class president from elementary until now. Her other co-curricular activities include scouting, MTAP Math challenge, Science Quiz Bee, Schools Press Conferences (copy reading and sports news writing); WATCH (We Advocate Time Consciousness and Honesty) Campaign, Clean and Green Project, Simacolong band leader, Simacolong Dance Troup, Intramural Meet Runner, Lawn Tennis Player.

Recently, Rhenalyn is with the Committee on Clean and Green Project.  She is also a first placer both in the Science Quiz Bowl and Oratorical Contest. She was also a Buwan ng Wika Sabayang Pagbigkas contestant.

Despite of being the top of her class, Rhenalyn joy always review her lessons and answer her school assignments at home.

For her extra-curricular activities, Rhenalyn actively participates in the Flores de Mayo, Catechisms and FDS Values Education in Barangay Nagerong.


Her mother, who is actively involved and busy with her commitments in group activities as president of Sustainable Livelihood Program Association (SLPA), as Pantawid partner-beneficiary and as a volunteer of Kalahi-CIDSS, could always rely on Rhenalyn.  She takes charge in cleaning their house, washing the dirty linens and dishes every time Arlene has to attend activities related to her involvement with different groups.

The role of Rhenalyn does not end in being a student, a daughter or an Ate because she also is a loving granddaughter of her Lolo and Lola. She would always find time during weekends to visit her grandparents and helps in washing their clothes and dishes as she loves them dearly.

Spending weekends in her grandparents’ house is also her family’s way to bond with the elders and to play with her cousins and relatives.


Centuries-Old Catholic Churches situated in the towns of Siquijor, Maria, San Juan, Larena and Lazi offer visitors a glimpse of Siquijor’s religious belief in paying homage to the town’s patron saints. Such reverence and devotion is evident by the manner they preserved their churches.

San Isidro Labrador Church and Convent in Lazi, Siquijor where the Perez family lives is reputed to be the biggest and among the oldest in the country.

This contributed to the strong faith of Perez’s family to God.

Despite her numerous activites, Rhenalyn and her family never forget to thank God for the blessings they receive every day.

Rhenalyn looks forward to summer vacations because she always attends catechism in the church and participates in the annual Santacruzan.

“Excited ko pag-summer kay bakasyon man og maka-apil ko sa catechism sa simbahan (I’m excited during summer because its vacation time and I can join catechism in our church),” a smiling Rhenalyn said.

Rhenalyn is proud of her parents because of their unconditional love, affection and determination in raising her and her brothers.


Rhenalyn’s parents may just be fish vendors who struggle in their lives as they provide for their children’s education especially in sending their daughter, Rhenalyn Joy C. Perez to high school. As early as now, all their hardships have found a beautiful fruit in Rhenalyn because she excels in her class.

This hardworking bright lass from Lazi, Siquijor made her conviction to strive harder in her studies to fulfill her dream of getting a college degree, making her family proud and later help send her siblings to school.

As of now Rhenalyn takes one step at a time in reaching her goal to be a Cruise Ship Chef someday. ###


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DSWD warns public against people misrepresenting DSWD 7

“Once again, we are warning the public not to engage with unscrupulous people claiming to be from DSWD and asking them to join in their organization,” says Director Ma. Evelyn B. Macapobre, DSWD regional director for Central Visayas.

The DSWD Field Office VII has received anew reports about people persuading others to become their members.

Director Macapobre said that DSWD 7 has no involvement with the said fraudulent activities.

“We encourage the public to be vigilant and report immediately to the police if somebody will approach and recruit them using the name of DSWD,” exhorts Director Macapobre. ###


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LGU San Fernando supports Pantawid Pamilya FDS

Acknowledging the relevance of the Family Development Session (FDS), the Local Government of San Fernando localized the implementation of FDS through the efforts of its various departments.

FDS is one of the conditionalities of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program that gathers partner-beneficiaries once a month to discuss various developmental topics like health and nutrition, education, protection and psychosocial needs of children; positive family values; marital relationships and active citizenship for community empowerment among others.

Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (MDRRMO) conducted Family Development Session (FDS) for the month of July 2017 at Barangay Tinubdan, San Fernando.

“The localized FDS of LGU San Fernando ensures that the topics and inputs will fit the needs of our Pantawid Pamilya partner-beneficiaries in their town,” said Cebu Provincial Link Brigieda Goron.

In the case of San Fernando, over half of the household beneficiaries are located in the mountain part and the remaining beneficiaries are located in the shoreline.

Most of them are busy with their daily activities that they do not have time to know the updates and services that are available in their locality.

“With the strong support of the local government, the FDS serves as a good venue for people empowerment and information dissemination,” Goron added.

Goron further said that through this, LGU San Fernando can directly provide service to their constituents and have a firsthand information of the situations in the barangay especially during disasters.

The concept of having a resource speaker from the local government unit during FDS started when the local chief executive of San Fernando signed the Executive Order (EO) 002 series of 2017 institutionalizing FDS.

This was tackled during the Municipal Convergence Meeting conducted on February 10, 2017 and was attended by various municipal department heads.

Currently, the departments that are involved are the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (MDRRMO), Municipal Health Office (MHO), Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO), Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) and the Philippine National Police (PNP).

The municipal department heads alternately handle the FDS depending on the given topic of the month. During the FDS, they provide relevant updates and services directly to the partner-beneficiaries.

As a result, partner-beneficiaries have become more vigilant and responsive whenever there is imminent disaster or danger in their community.

This has been strengthened after the PNP provides its contact numbers to the partner-beneficiaries during the FDS in the month of April.

Beneficiaries from the mountainside barangays were also provided with seedlings, inputs in farming, animal husbandry and information regarding life insurance for farmers conducted by the MAO.

In July, the MDRRMO also discussed the topic Disaster Preparedness and Resiliency in one of the FDS and informed the participants that the office is a 24-hour response unit.

The MDRRMO also provided emergency numbers in case calamity strikes and had a chance to check the Emergency Balde (E-Balde) of the partner-beneficiaries.

The MHO spoke Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning to the Pantawid couple-beneficiaries last August.

The beneficiaries expressed their gratitude for the learning imparted to them specifically on understanding their growing children.

The MENRO discussed in September the Local Department Unit’s resolution regarding the solid waste management so that partner-beneficiaries could help disseminate the information to others.

Police Chief Inspector Adrian Nalua conducts Family Development Session (FDS) at the San Fernando Complex. He discusses on illegal drugs issues and illegal gambling and its penalties.

“We really appreciate the effort of the department heads because despite their busy schedule they find time to go to the different barangays just to handle FDS topics,” Goron said.

“In fact, we are pushing for strengthening the FDS through passing a local policy and we are happy that there are already many LGUs in Cebu who passed Executive Orders (EOs) in support of the FDS implementation,” Goron underscored. ###



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DSWD-funded Talibon center caters community-based skills trainings

Pantawid Pamilya partner-beneficiaries in Talibon avail free skills training through the town’s Community-based Skills Training and Processing Center (CSTPC), a facility funded by Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) under the Bottom-Up Budgeting (BUB).

Partner-beneficiaries undertake skills Training on Refrigeration and Airconditioning service.

As of October 2017, a total of 535 partner-beneficiaries graduated from various skills trainings conducted by the Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) like shielded metal arc welding, driving, masonry, refrigeration & airconditioning, cookery, hilot (wellness massage), automotive servicing, cellphone repair, hair cutting services, pedicure and manicure services.

Currently, there are ongoing skills trainings like dressmaking, tailoring, food & beverage, construction painting and landscaping at the center.

Constructed in 2015 to address the lack of skills training centers in Bohol, the CSTPC lies in a one-hectare lot owned by the Local Government of Talibon. It can accommodate 120 persons.

The Php 10,588,235.29 worth facility is strategically located in Barangay San Isidro, which is accessible to the partner-beneficiaries.

The center houses the working area with complete equipment for every corresponding course, a briefing area, offices of instructors, Registrar and Director.

As implementing partner, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) ensures the quality of skills training provided to the partner-beneficiaries.

Talibon Mayor Restituto Auxtero imparted that with the TESDA certified skills training, the graduates can apply for jobs either locally or abroad.

He further said that some may opt to be self-employed or be engaged in their own business using the skills they have acquired in the center.

Front View of Talibon Community-based Skills Training and Processing Center.

Aside from SLP initiated skills training, the Department of Agriculture (DA) and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) have also been conducting trainings and seminars on food processing at the center. Members of different People`s Organizations (POs) in Talibon have been trained on Banana Chips Processing, Seaweeds Cracker Processing, Ube Processing, and Squash Noodles Processing, among others. ###


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2017 National Children’s Month Celebration commences

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) 7 through the Regional Council for the Welfare of Children (RCWC), held a kick-off activity of this year’s 25th National Children’s Month (NCM) celebration which highlights the theme “Bata: Iligtas sa Droga!”.

More than 300 individuals coming from the RCWC member-agencies, government high schools, youth organizations and Day Care Workers of Cebu City, Mandaue City, Lapu-lapu City and Talisay City participate in the kick-off activity of the 25th National Children’s Month Celebration.

More than 300 individuals coming from the RCWC member-agencies, government high schools, youth organizations and Day Care Workers of Cebu City, Mandaue City, Lapu-lapu City and Talisay City partook in the kick-off activity.

It comprises a motorcade early in the morning which, started from Plaza Independencia on the way to the Capitol Grounds and was followed by an Opening Program thereafter, on November 4, 2017, Saturday.

During the program, DSWD 7 Social Welfare Officer IV Grace Yana emphasized the significant role of the family as the cradle of the society in providing a strong foundation of the appropriate values and as well as in protecting the constitutional rights of a child.

Yana also mentioned that during the Support Group sessions with the recovering drug dependents, it was found that the most common reason children get involved in criminal and unlawful acts is the dysfunctional family that they live in.

“Mao na nga ato gyu’ng gi advocate nga ma strengthen ang family values ug nag-awhag pud ta sa mga ginikanan nga dapat dili lang sila mag profess (sa good values) kon dili mag possess pud, meaning ang mga ginikanan mahimo silang role models ngadto sa ilang mga anak” said Yana.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA-7) Regional Director Emerson S. Margate is pleased to see activities like these being carried out which aim to pull children away from the danger of illegal drug addiction.

“Our children, you are our valuable assets. You are the trailblazers to our future. You are the heirs of the unique history. There is no job as important and as noble as protecting a child” expressed Director Margate on his statement during the program.

In adherence to the administration’s campaign against illegal drugs, the Council for the Welfare of Children came up with the theme “Bata: Iligtas sa Droga!” for this year’s celebration on NCM.

The National Children’s Month will be celebrated for the whole month of November which aims to consistently advocate the rights of our children and raise awareness on child protection and violence against children.

To further campaign for this advocacy, CWC has lined up several activities for this year’s NCM celebration.

One of its major activities is the launching of the “Pito, Bata, Pito! A Call 4 Help Campaign (C4H)” which seeks to give children a voice from being victims of various crimes specifically on illegal drugs and all forms of violence and exploitation on November 06, 2017 by CWC in Manila. Children are encouraged to blow their whistles or ‘pito’ as means of communication when they feel threatened or harmed.

CWC will gather donations (monetary or kind) until the end of 2017 for 1 million (1M) whistles that will be distributed to different kids across the nation by Christmas season.

Other activities arranged for this year’s NCM celebration are the “Dikit a Sticker” Campaign on road safety and anti-illegal drugs which will be done with the transport groups and the Regional Children’s Contest on November 29, 2017 at the Mandaue City Sports Complex.

The CWC urges all citizens to engage proactively in consorting with authorities in protecting and advancing the rights and welfare of children.

“The primary target of this year’s theme “Bata: Iligtas sa Droga!” are the duty bearers and the society in general. We carry the responsibility in saving and protecting our vulnerable children from violence against them and the danger of drug addiction stressed Yana, on her closing remarks during the program. ###


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