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DSWD program beneficiaries waive SAP’s emergency cash subsidy

Some Unconditional Cash Transfer (UCT) Listahanan beneficiaries have decided to voluntarily waive their slots for the emergency cash grants under the Social Amelioration Program (SAP) Bayanihan Fund: Tulong Laban sa COVID-19.

Vincent L. Fernandez signs the waiver for the emergency cash subsidy.

Vincent L. Fernandez from Samboan, Cebu, understood that there are other people who are more deserving to receive the subsidy from the government. He signed a waiver indicating that he would no longer receive the subsidy and his slot will be given to others. He is a UCT Listahanan beneficiary but has never received the UCT grant since it started in 2018.

“I have seen in my eyes the situation of my fellow Samboanons who are in dire need especially in this trying times and that is why I am waiving this assistance so that it will be given to others,” said Vicente, adding that he can provide now the needs for his family especially that her eldest daughter is also a co-public high school teacher in Samboan National High School.

Meanwhile, a UCT Listahanan beneficiary from Pamplona, Negros Oriental returned the Php 6,000.00 emergency cash subsidy after the recent pay-out held in their town.

Urbana Zerna returns the Php 6,000.00 emergency cash subsidy.

Akong amahan nga si Cesario Zerna nakadawat og Php 6,000.00 apan ako kining gi-uli kay amo nalang ni ihatag sa kadtong labing nanginahanglan (My father Cesario Zerna received Php 6,000.00 but we return this so that this can be given to those who are more in need),” said Urbana Zerna, a retired midwife, who can support the needs of her father.

Elisa Cabual, a Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) beneficiary from Basay, Negro Oriental, also returned the Php 6,000.00 emergency cash subsidy. Elisa’s daughter, Maribel, a solo parent, was among those who received the cash subsidy during the recent pay-out in their town.

For Elisa, it was already a duplication of cash subsidy because Maribel is a member of her family and they are already part of the SAP as a 4Ps beneficiary. She personally returned the money to the Basay Municipal Treasure’s Office on April 23, 2020.

A tricyle driver in Tagbilaran City, Bohol named Marjune Melo informed the City Government of Tagbilaran that he will no longer receive the emergency cash subsidy because his wife is also included as SAP beneficiary in their hometown in Lila.

Elisa Cabual, a 4Ps beneficiary from Basay, Negros Oriental, returns the Php 6,000.00 to the Basay Municipal Treasure’s Office.

Wala man ko nakabalo nga naapil pud diay akong asawa didto sa amo sa Lila mao nga pagkadawat niya sa Php 6,000, personal ko nga ni-ari ug nagpahibalo aron dili na magdoble ang pagdawat sa among pamilya ug kini mahatag pud sa uban nga nanginahanglan (I am not aware that my wife is also included in our hometown in Lila and that is why when I learned that she already received the Php 6,000.00, I visited and informed the office so that there will be no duplication and this cash subsidy will be given to others who are also in need),” Marjune said matter-of-factly.

Under Republic Act (RA) No. 11469 or the “Bayanihan to Heal as One” Act, target beneficiaries of the SAP are low-income families or those on subsistence economy or workers in the informal economy including 4Ps household beneficiaries and UCT Listahanan beneficiaries, and with members belonging to the vulnerable sector, assessed to be the most affected by the declaration given their existing life situations or circumstances.

Marjune Melo personally visit the CSWDO of Tagbilaran that he will no longer received the emergency cash subsidy because his wife is also included as SAP beneficiary in their hometown in Lila.

The Department emphasized that the government wants to help all families affected by the crisis to receive the social amelioration programs but priority will be given to the poor and those at risk of not earning income during this quarantine period.

Also, the Department urged the 4Ps, UCT Listahanan beneficiaries and beneficiaries from other national government agencies (NGAs) like the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to inform the office immediately if there is a duplication of cash subsidy received so that it will be given to other qualified beneficiaries.

Furthermore, the Department encouraged the beneficiaries of SAP to use the emergency cash subsidy to buy food like rice and viands and other essential needs of their family while their work is temporarily stopped because of community quarantine.

As of April 29, 2020, a total 354,063 families in region 7 have already received the cash aid worth Php 6,000.00 equivalent to a total of Php 2,124,378,000.00. ###

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