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Diverse Abilities: Listahanan stories of Persons with Disabilities

According to the latest Listahanan data, Persons with Disability (PWD) constitute 1.1% of the poor individuals or a total of 320,922 in the entire Philippines. But not all of them are bound to their disabilities or waiting for assistance. For we have a list of PWDs in region 7 who proved that they too can work equally with people without disabilities as Listahanan field staff.

Rommel S. Belonguel, Listahanan Verifier

Rommel Belonguel

Rommel, 42 years old with orthopedic impairment is a single father to a 4yr old boy. His online business of buying and selling motor parts serves as his main source of income. He admitted that this is not enough, that is why when he heard about the opportunity from his friend that DSWDs Listahanan is hiring some staff, he immediately applied and got hired. He thanked DSWD for the opportunity to work with Listahanan 3.

As a Listahanan verifier, his main job is to check the encoded Household Assessment Forms (HAF) against the actual forms if they match. If there are minor errors that can be edited, then he will make the necessary corrections. But if not, then the forms will be returned to the encoder.

Rommel was only 4 months old, when he suffered from Polio. Since he was still young when infected with polio, he grew up already accustomed of the way he walks. During his elementary days, when children around bullied him, he fought back without holding back. His teachers would always side with him because they knew he was bullied.

Matt Calvin M. Tion, Listahanan Encoder

Deaf since birth, Matt is a happy 24-year-old guy who loves to travel and talk with family and friends. A Bachelor of Science in Information Technology graduate, Matt worked with Listahanan 2 way back 2015. So, working with Listahanan 3 is not new to him.

Matt Calvin Tion

His main task as a Listahanan encoder is to input the information from the HAFs to the computer system. He has to make sure also that the data encoded on the system are correct and complete.

Matts disability did not hinder his positivity. Asked on how he feels to be deaf, he proudly wrote “I am happy and I can do anything”. He added that he wants to learn new things and willing to work hard.

He is in a relationship for eight years now and he admitted that it is getting stronger. His girlfriend is also deaf. They were high school classmates at Mandaue City Central Integrated SPED school.

Geronimo Crisostomo, Listahanan Verifier

Dako ko ug pasalamat sa DSWD, ilabi na sa AVRC nilang Sir Graeme nga andam mutabang sa pareha namong gustong mobangon” (I’m so thankful to DSWD, especially to the AVRC staff like Sir Graeme because they are willing to help people like me who wants to rise up from my situation)

Geronimo is a soft spoken 24-year-old man who was born with orthopedic disability or impairment. He has a degree in Computer programming and he is also a vocational graduate from Area Vocational and Rehabilitation Center (AVRC) II of DSWD in Labangon, Cebu City.

His work as a Listahanan verifier is very crucial since he has to double check the encoded HAFs if it has the same information with the actual forms. If necessary, he will have to return back the HAFs to the encoder if he sees that it has a lot of errors.

Geronimo Crisostomo

This is his first job and he is happy with the work and the workplace because it is accessible for PWDs like him. He added that it was Sir Graeme who encouraged him to apply for Listahanan.

When asked how he was able to have a positive outlook in life despite his condition, he said it is more of being true to one self, “Nadawat nako kung unsa ko” (I have accepted for who I am).

Listahanan is proud to have these people under its wings who despite the additional challenges of their condition and of being part of the vulnerable and disadvantaged sector they, too, can do something for others who are of the same vulnerability. A true measure of resiliency. ###

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