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A Person with Disability Takes on A Great Responsibility

“Gikalipay nako ug dako nga bisan paman sa akong kapansanan, dako ko ug gikatampo sa among komunidad (I am greatly thankful that despite my disability, I have contributed a lot for our community),” Alejandrino Luzano proudly expressed.

Alejandrino poses beside the sub-project billboard, a symbol of their victory as a united community.

Alejandrino, fondly called “Manoy” in the community was chosen by the community folks as the chairperson of the Barangay Sub-Project Management Committee (BSPMC) for the implementation and installation of the 30 in-grid solar streetlights, as their sub-project for their community. The BSPMC is the committee that takes care of the overall management of the sub-project. It also formulates policies and makes decisions for the project. It oversees sub-project implementation, monitoring, maintenance and sustainability after project completion.

Despite his condition, he accepted and religiously manage the team. “Akong gigamit akong kakayahan aron ipakita nila nga kaming mga disable dili louy, kon dili special kami, aduna kami mga abilidad nga kayang buhaton (I have used my skills and abilities to show them that persons with disability (PWD) like me, are not helpless but special because we are capable of doing something for our community),” asserted Alejandrino.

Alejandrino suffered Poliomyelitis or commonly called Polio at the age of four (4). He was paralyzed. With the assistance of his grandparent who paid for his therapy, he recovered and was able to walk again. But as an effect of his polio his eyesight was affected with congenital cataract. He has endured all the trials and has not considered his condition a hindrance to everything he does.

Ang Kalahi-CIDSS mao ang nagpukaw sa akong pag hikatulog, mao kini ang naghatag sa ako ug opportunidad, mao na nga magpadayon gihapon ko sa pag bulontaryo (Kalahi-CIDSS has awakened me to get involve with the community and share my talents and skills. It has also given me the opportunity to continue to be a volunteer in the community),” affirmed Alejandrino as he recalled his struggles in the past that taught him life’s lessons and have been the reason why he is able to rise above his disability and has become a leader in his community.

Aside from being an active chairperson of Kalahi-CIDSS he is also the president of Oslob Municipal Federation of Persons with Disability and has ably reorganized the PWD association in all 18 Barangays. His enthusiasm in serving the sector he belongs has encouraged his fellow PWD members to be active in every activity in their town. He crafted the PWD federation action plan which get an annual fund allocation from the Municipal Local Government Unit.

He is a good role model of a leader, the people of barangay Luka, look up to him as their “bayani” because in spite of his physical condition, he was able to balance his time between his family and community. As a family man, he also works hard to fend for his family. He raises pigs and cattle. He utilizes his small piece of land for planting different kinds of vegetables. As a community volunteer, he actively participates in barangay assemblies and community activities not only in Kalahi-CIDSS program but also in the socio-civic undertakings in their town. He devoted his time and contributed his skills to every task assigned to him.

“Tungod sa gipakita nga kakugi ni Alejandrino, ang uban nga dili kaayo aktibo, napukaw ug nahinay-hinay na ug participate, kay tungod gipakita ni Alejandrino ang walay pag lubad nga kugi alang sa ilang komunidad (Because of Alejandrino’s hard work, the others who do not participate, were persuaded and were enticed to also do their share in helping their community),” observed Phil Jun Laingo the Kalahi-CIDSS area coordinator assigned in Oslob.

Through the efforts of the volunteers, other people in the community, municipal government and barangay local government unit, the community has been able to install streetlights for a total project cost of Php 779,800.00.

The streetlights have lighted the dark area in the community and lifted the people’s fear in walking the unlighted road.

For Alejandrino, Kalahi-CIDSS has given so much to him and to his community. “Gihatagan gyud sa Kalahi ug katakos ang mga tawo nga moapil-apil, nga ang gobyerno moadto sa mga tawo ug mo konsulta kung unsay buot nga sub-project nga ilang himoon (Kalahi-CIDSS has empowered the people to participate in the community affairs because the government goes to the communities and consult the people about their needs and how to address it),” declared Alejandrino. ###

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